EV Charging that Doesn't Cost the Earth

The SCOUGAR charger aims to do away with pesky street chargers that are taking up more and more space along our roads and replace them with a charger built using the minimal amount of material to get the job done.

Nearly Invisible

  • Low-profile Design
  • No ugly street furniture in your way
  • No blinking lights

Safe & Indestructible

  • Lesla’s Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technology ensures no live wires or exposed electronics at all
  • Works even when under water and snow
  • Can’t be accidentally driven into
  • Can’t be unplugged without your permission
  • Minimal maintenance costs (minimum lifespan of 10 years per charger)

Charge Where You Are

Built with on-street charging as its core philosophy, the SCOUGAR charger can be installed right outside of your house. We want to help the 38% of households in the UK that don’t have any off-street parking available but still want to own a zero-emissions vehicle.

Universal Compatibility

The SCOUGAR cable works with every EV on the market.

Participate in our Research

In conjunction with our partners at Keele University, we are surveying street and EV users to understand how our product can best solve the issue of ubiquitous EV charging with minimal space use and with the safety and accessibility of the street unchanged.

Our newest survey is available here for EV users: EV User Experience Survey. We'd be grateful for everyone with experience or perspectives on EV charging & payment would fill in this survey.

Our first survey is still available here for street users: Street User Experience Survey. We'd be very grateful for everyone that uses streets today to participate in this research.

Our Partners

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